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Senator Lee Rhiannon reaffirms her commitment to public education

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 27 Jun 2017

Senator Rhiannon said,

“For the last 28 years of my political career I have been tireless and committed in my unswerving efforts to ensure public education in Australia remains fair, equitable, accessible and of the highest standard - whether it is in our universities, TAFEs or schools.

“Any suggestion to the contrary is false and personally insulting. It also fails to recognise the enormous contribution that Greens’ members, our partners in the education sector and our amazing volunteers have made to public education.

“I am deeply committed to continue as an Australian Greens Senator, a role I hold with great pride.

“I was democratically elected by hundreds of thousands of people to represent NSW as a Senator. I carry out my duties with the full knowledge of the importance and privilege of such a position.

“Reports in the media about supposed two censures in the Greens party room are false and are intended to damage my integrity and my political position.

“To be clear – they will not succeed.”

“The messages of support that me and my office have received have been heartening and I look forward to continuing to work with Greens members and the community for a fairer and progressive society.”

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