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Senate inquiry into public transport

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 13 Dec 2013

12 December 2013

Senate inquiry into public transport 

Senator Lee Rhiannon Greens transport spokesperson sad:

"This inquiry into public transport can make a useful contribution to transport planning but to fully serve its purpose we need to explore the massive imbalance in federal and state funding between motorways and public transport.

"Labor failed to support the inquiry investigating why motorway development over the past decade has received higher levels of federal and state government funding compared with public transport.

"When Mr Anthony Albanese was the transport minister public transport came a poor second in public investment compared with roadway projects.

"Three months after losing government Labor has rediscovered its interest in public transport. If this policy reversal is to have any meaning Labor should be willing to assess its own failures when in government.

"When Labor was in government $36 billion was allocated for a six year national building transport plan. Three quarters of this funding was earmarked for road and one quarter for rail.

"During the six years that Mr Anthony Albanese was the transport minister motorways and road building were favoured at a rate of about 4 to 1 over public transport.

"When Labor was in government they had no strategy to drive investment in public transport.

"It is concerning that before this inquiry even kicks off Labor is looking to airbrush away their own lack lustre performance on public transport when they were in government and had the power to deliver on public transport.

"Support for public transport is a key plank of Greens policies. It is a critical way to build healthier communities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide fairer and more equitable transport.

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Greens amendment moved to Senate motion to set up public transport inquiry.

- Why motorway development in the last decade has received higher levels of federal and state government funding compared with public transport. [not supported]

Motion passed today by Senate
Senator Moore

Amendment to Business of the Senate NOM No. 9
(as listed on pages 5-6 of today's Notice Paper)

12 December 2013

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I will move-That the following matters be referred to the Senate Reference Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport for inquiry and report by 27 March 2014:
The role of public transport in delivering productivity outcomes;
a) The need for an integrated approach across road and rail in addressing congestion in cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth;
b) The social and environmental benefits of public transport projects compared to road infrastructure projects such as Westconnex and the East-West Link;
c) The national significance of public transport;
d) The relationship between public transport and building well-functioning cities;
e) The decision of the Federal Government to refuse to fund public transport projects;
f) The impact on user charges arising from requiring states to fund public transport projects; and,
g) Any related matter.


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