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Senate Estimates: Wildlife Diplomacy – Trading platypus

Lee Rhiannon 23 Oct 2017

Lee follows up her previous Senate Estimates questions about Taronga Zoo’s plans to export platypus to San Diego Zoo to populate its wildlife display.

See also:

27 Feb 2017 - Lee  asks questions in Senate Estimates after being contacted by platypus ecologists with concerns about the export of platypus to San Diego Zoo in an animal swap with Taronga Zoo

23 May 2017 - Lee asks for an update on Taronga Zoo’s plan to export platypus to San Diego Zoo

8 September 2017 - Lee’s Adjournment speech on wildlife diplomacy and its use of native wildlife as live gifts or objects of curiosity to cultivate political relationships and the trade deals that follow. This is done without second thought to the distress and suffering inflicted on the individual animals used in this way.

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