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Senate Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (CASA)

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Lee Rhiannon 18 Nov 2013

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Senator RHIANNON: I want to go back to the joint study on aviation capacity for the Sydney region—the one completed in 2012. Has there been any work done to update this?

Mr Mrdak : There has been subsequent analysis done for the government in relation to the issues arising, but not a formal updated review per se.

Senator RHIANNON: Is what you call subsequent work public?

Mr Mrdak : Certainly the former government released the next stage of work in relation to Wilton, Badgerys Creek and Richmond sites earlier this year.

Senator RHIANNON: So that is what you were referring to when you said subsequent work has been undertaken?

Mr Mrdak : That is correct. There was further work that was undertaken following the joint study report commissioned by the former government, which has now largely been completed.

Senator RHIANNON: What plans that you are undertaking in this area are being formed by that joint study?

Mr Mrdak : The joint study report is the key part of the information base which is being utilised by the Australian and New South Wales governments in considering the future aviation needs of the basin.

Senator RHIANNON: Could you be more specific, please?

Mr Mrdak : I am not sure what you are asking.

Senator RHIANNON: We are aware that there is enormous debate about location of airports and different sites. So I am interested in not just the big picture but getting down to whether it is informing about certain projects in certain areas.

Mr Mrdak : It remains the baseline document being utilised by the department for providing advice to government—yes.

Senator RHIANNON: Do I take from that that there are no specific sites being looked at for a second airport or is it that you are not able to say?

Mr Mrdak : Sorry—I did not quite get that. You jumped from the study discussion to that. There is advice which has been provided to successive governments in relation to the joint study and the Australian government has indicated its commitment to settling the location of a second airport for Sydney in this term of government.

Senator RHIANNON: Mr Wilson?

Mr Wilson : That is the sentence I was going to add.

Senator RHIANNON: 'In this term of government.'

Mr Wilson : In this term of government.

Senator RHIANNON: Is the agency conducting any new research or investigations into aviation capacity and the aviation environment in the Sydney basin?

Mr Mrdak : Not any new studies. We are certainly undertaking work at the moment in preparation for the assessment of the Sydney airport master plan, which is due to be lodged with the minister by 2 December.


Senator RHIANNON: Thank you. That is all.

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