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Sen Lee Rhiannon response to Senator Sinodinos and The Australian

Speeches in Parliament
Lee Rhiannon 18 Sep 2012

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon gave a Personal Explanation in the Senate responding to Senator Sinodinos misrepresenting her position on the 9-11 terrorist attack and falsely associating her with anti-Semitism, allegations expanded upon by journalist Christian Kerr in The Australian. Her two unpublished letters to The Australian are also included below.

Senate Hansard 18 September 2012

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (21:50): In the past week Senator Sinodinos has misrepresented my position on the 9-11 terrorist attack and has falsely associated me with anti-Semitism. I believe I have been vilified and I completely reject these implications which have been repeated . The attempts to link me to the views of the 9-11 'truthers' who deny al-Qaeda's role in the terrorist attack are guilt-by-association smear tactics reminiscent of McCarthyism. I do not support the ideas of the 9-11 'truthers'.

I meet regularly with a wide range of constituents. Meeting with a constituent does not mean that I support their views. I have met with members of Truth Action; I do not support their ideas. I completely reject the false implication of anti-Semitism made by Senator Sinodinos and reported in the Australian. I condemn all forms of bigotry and racism. False accusations of anti-Semitism are a gutter tactic.

The attempt by Christian Kerr to link me with Nazi sympathisers because a 9-11 'truther' I had met, in an unrelated meeting, may have met with Australia First leader, Jim Salem, is ludicrous. It is vilification on the part of Mr Kerr.

Letters to the Editor - The Australian

17 September 2012

Dear Editor,

Maybe Christian Kerr has been writing about conspiracy theories for too long. His latest effort (Rhiannon at rally with 9/11 conspiracy theorist) attempting to link me with 9/11 truther theories and Nazi sympathisers is right up there with those who allege the moon landing never happened.

Al-Qaeda instigated the 9/11 attacks in the US, and that tragedy has been rightly condemned. Kerr's "guilt by association" smear tactic is reminiscent of McCarthyism.

Yours sincerely

Lee Rhiannon

13 September 2012

Dear Editor,

Senator Arthur Sinodinos' attempt (Australian 13 September 2012, Rhiannon under fire for truthers) to link me with anti-Semitism is another example of his use of false suggestions and gutter tactics that has become his trade mark.

I reject such implications. The Greens have a proud track record opposing racism and support multi-cultural issues. I condemn false accusations of anti-Semitism designed to silence legitimate criticism of Israeli government abuse of Palestinian human rights.

Yours sincerely

Senator Lee Rhiannon

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