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Rhiannon launches Blaxland campaign - candidate Suzan Virago local blue-collar worker

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 9 Mar 2016

Suzan Virago, a community activist, blue-collar worker and Bankstown area resident for over 19 years, has been pre-selected as the Greens federal election candidate for the seat of Blaxland.

"I'm honoured to have been selected to represent the Blaxland community, many of whom I believe share common values with the Greens," Ms Virago said.

Passionate about women's rights, Ms Virago decided to announce her candidacy on International Women's Day. "The campaigns for equal pay, paid parental entitlements, reproductive rights and an end to domestic violence are the cornerstone of my activism."

As a Greens candidate, Ms Virago will be advocating for a compassionate response to the global refugee crisis. Ms Virago is deeply committed to a fairer more equitable Australia.

"Issues close to my heart include marriage equality, rights for women and workers, particularly the protection of penalty rates."

Ms Virago is also concerned about upcoming developments along the Bankstown to Sydenham rail corridor. "It is imperative that the local community have input into the ongoing development along the corridor. We want to ensure that the people who are affected are given a chance to speak.

"We need to fight to maintain TAFE and green spaces, increase public education funding and promote affordable housing through a fairer tax system.

Ms Virago is looking forward to working closely with Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon who is up for re-election.

Senator Rhiannon said "Sue brings a wealth of experience to this campaign with her work in the Australian women's movement, the Maritime Union of Australia and as a former Vice Chair for the International Transport Federation Women's Committee.

"Sue is a great role model and I'm looking forward to supporting her election campaign for the Greens.

"Sue is one of more than 20 Greens women candidates running in NSW in the coming federal election. Working to achieve gender equity and diversity among our Greens candidates is a top priority for our party."


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