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Renewed hope for Qantas

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 25 Mar 2014

The Senate Economics Committee's report into the proposed repeal of Part 3 of the Qantas Sale Act means that there is renewed hope for Qantas and its workers, Greens Spokesperson for Transport Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

"Thanks to the non-government Senators who took part in the inquiry and have dissented from the Coalition's majority report, the Government's bill will not pass the Senate," said Senator Rhiannon.

"With the Greens, Labor and independent Senators lining up to oppose this bill in the Senate, it's clear the Coalition's plan to offshore Qantas along with the jobs of thousands of Qantas workers has been killed off. This is good news for Qantas and its workers.

"It is clear that if Part 3 of the Qantas Sale Act is repealed, the most likely outcome would be wholesale takeover of Qantas by one or more foreign government owned airlines, followed by a stream of job losses.

"Qantas representatives including CEO Alan Joyce refused to rule out further offshoring and casualisation of the workforce if Part 3 of the Qantas Sale Act is repealed.

"The committee was presented with concerning evidence relating to poor financial and strategic decisions made by Qantas management, particularly in relation to the operations of Jetstar Asia.

"Qantas workers should not have to pay the price for poor management decisions.

"A separate Senate inquiry, established by the Greens, has been looking into ways the government can provide assistance to Qantas in the interests of protecting jobs. We look forward to that Committee's report being released on Thursday."

"Today gives some hope for Qantas, its workers and the wider aviation industry in Australia," said Greens Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt.

"This shows that there is scope to make Qantas viable and to keep it Australian, without the airline being broken up and jobs offshored, which is what would happen if Tony Abbott gets his way," said Mr Bandt.

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