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Rampant exploitation of Sydney workers must be addressed

Commenting on reports this morning of Sydney workers being paid below the minimum wage, Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said: 

“Today’s report on Sydney café workers being underpaid further underlines why we need strong unions and a broad-based campaign to maintain penalty rates.

“The practice of underpaying workers is not exceptional, it is rampant.  

“International students and overseas travellers in particular are often targeted for these highly exploitative jobs with some employers threatening to get these workers’ visas cancelled if they speak up. We must do all that we can to protect these workers.  

“Every worker in Australia should receive the pay and conditions that they deserve and are entitled to.

“The Senate inquiry into Australia’s working visa program initiated by my colleague Greens MP Adam Bandt will be an important contribution to improving protections for workers. 

“The government should seriously consider the inquiry’s final recommendations once they are delivered next month.

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