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Proposed Badgerys Creek airport - win for developers not community

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 15 Apr 2014

A second airport at Badgerys Creek is another win for developers and big businesses and is not in the interests of the community.

Australian Greens transport Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "Misleading claims about jobs growth and noise pollution have been used to con the community into thinking a Badgerys Creek airport will benefit them.

"Imposing a 24/7 airport on Western Sydney is arrogant and will result in massive inconvenience, traffic congestion, noise pollution and a range of health problems.

"The biggest beneficiaries of Badgerys Creek airport will be the likes of Macquarie Bank, developers and business owners who could make millions from rezoning and as a result of publicly subsidised construction.

"The NSW Business Chamber has been touting 28 000 jobs in Western Sydney by 2050. While the scenario developed by the Joint Study on Aviation Capacity puts job growth closer to 10,000 additional jobs by 2040, and possibly 20,000 by 2050, with no explanation about how the jobs would double in a decade.

"We need state and federal governments committed to creating jobs in Western Sydney in construction, manufacturing, clean energy, the service sector and education, not the empty and endless promises that Badgerys Creek airport will be the savior of Western Sydney.

"The Greens policy does not support a second airport and calls for Sydney Airport to be relocated outside Sydney basin with an efficient High Speed Rail network to and from the airport.

NSW Greens MP and transport and Western Sydney Spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi said: "Infrastructure in Western Sydney does need to be given top priority and serious investment from state and federal governments, not because of a second airport, but because residents in Western Sydney deserve accessible and affordable public transport.

"The expected big roads package will only worsen congestion and traffic problems in Western Sydney.

"With the types of transport vision we have seen from the O'Farrell Government there is going to be chaos in Western Sydney.

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Lee Rhiannon: 0487 350 880
Mehreen Faruqi: 0423 106 247

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