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Proposed Badgerys Creek airport plan opens door to more developer deals

5 February 2014

Proposed Badgerys Creek airport plan opens door to more developer deals

The Greens say the expected Federal cabinet announcement on a second airport at Badgerys Creek is a con job on the people of Western Sydney designed to boost developer profits using misleading claims about jobs growth and noise pollution

Greens transport Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "If the Abbott government puts money into Badgerys Creek airport it will be developers and business owners who will benefit.

"The Greens are strong backers of jobs growth in Western Sydney, but the job promises being pushed by Liberal, Labor and the NSW Business Chamber are in the realm of ‘snake oil' claims .

"The NSW Business Chamber has been touting 28,000 jobs over 35 years. The Joint Study on Aviation Capacity puts the figure closer to 10,000 jobs by 2040.

"Unfounded promises of jobs growth are being used as the sweetener, but it will be the developers and businesses that will profit if the Federal government back Badgerys.

"The backers of Badgerys Creek are not being up front about their plans to make this a 24/7 operation with all the noise pollution that will impose on locals.

"Noise problems for people living in Sydney Airport flight paths could also well increase if the government pushes ahead with Badgerys Creek being a second airport.

"This would enable Sydney Airport to operate at its ‘maximum practical operational capacity', and it is expected that the 26 per cent of smaller planes currently using Sydney Airport would go to Badgerys and more large noisier jets would operate out of Sydney Airport", said Senator Rhiannon said.

NSW Greens MP and transport spokesperson and Western Sydney Spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi said:

"If the O'Farrell government is serious about jobs growth, they should be investing in public transport, renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable waste and water management systems. This is the way to an innovative future for Western Sydney.

"Infrastructure in Western Sydney does need to be given top priority and serious investment from state and federal governments, not because of a second airport, but because residents in Western Sydney deserve accessible and affordable public transport.

"The North West Rail Link is already turning out to be just a monorail that shuttles people from Rouse Hill to Chatswood. With this type of transport vision from the Government there is going to be chaos in Western Sydney if this plan goes ahead", said Dr Faruqi.

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