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Prime Minister must act to ban party fundraisers at Parliament House

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 25 May 2014

24 May 2014

Commenting on Speaker Bronwyn Bishop holding Liberal Party fundraisers in her Parliament House office, Senator Lee Rhiannon Greens democracy spokesperson said

"This is a serious abuse that puts the Prime Minister under intense pressure to move far reaching electoral funding reforms.

"Holding a fundraiser in the Speaker's office is not just an issue about the future of Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker.

"Holding political party fundraising events should be banned from parliament.

"To clear the air on how the Speaker has used her office to raise money for the Liberal Party the Prime Minister should require Ms Bishop to immediately release details of any party fundraisers she has held, and call on all MPs to do the same.

"Details of the dates of the fundraisers, who attended and the donations made to the Liberal Party needs to be urgently released.

"This is the latest example of the federal Liberal Party engaged in dodgy fundraising activities.

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