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PFOS at Campvale raises questions over RAAF base excavation

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has called for all excavation works on the Williamtown RAAF base to be suspended until a thorough investigation of onsite contamination is completed and publicly reported on.

"The Australian Greens once again call for the suspension of all excavation works on the Williamtown RAAF base until a thorough investigation into the on-site contamination is completed and the findings publicly reported.

"Hydrologists are saying that sand mining and excavation works on the RAAF base may be interfering with ground water flow. These reports should be incorporated into plans to deal with the contamination.

"Defence's own experts have warned about the potential for excavation works to 'mobilise' contaminated materials and alter the flow of groundwater so we are not convinced that proper precautions have been taken to prevent the contamination from spreading.

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