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Overseas aid loses out again - Australia joins block on tougher tax provisions

Commenting on reports that the Abbott government played a role in watering down the tax responsibilities of multinationals at an international conference on foreign aid, Greens overseas aid and development spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"Australia's move to strike out a line calling on ‘full transparency' of payments from large corporations to ‘promoting transparency' is yet another example where the Abbott government has acted out of self-interest at the expense of developing countries.

"The damage inflicted by the Abbott-Bishop approach to aid is not just from the $11bn funding cuts, it is also from advancing Australian business interests and the interests of the private sector at the cost of poverty reduction.

"It's disturbing to think that private companies like Coca Cola which is set to distribute Australian medical aid would be celebrating the Abbott government's push to water down the transparency of multinationals.

"Labor's commitment to increase the aid budget by $18bn should be done alongside a commitment by the party to implement strong tax avoidance measures for multinational companies.

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