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Op ed: Sport hunting - It’s just not cricket

Lee Rhiannon 26 Feb 2015

Lee's opinion piece on sport hunting was published today.

The sport hunting and shooting of native animals for fun in Africa is no longer out of sight, out of mind.

Last week, there were revelations that some of our sporting heroes, men who represent Australia on the international stage, playing the game of cricket we love so dearly, are now the ones doing the killing and the posing.

Sport hunting is never ok. The killing of animals for “fun” should be banned in Australia and all over the world.

The outrage being directed at Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee over their hunting of buffalos, hyena and other animals is potent now but may dissipate. The news cycle will move on and the spotlight on this animal cruelty will fade.

McGrath and Lee, as popular role models, are in a position to show a genuine and sincere response to their involvement in the very brutal and cruel recreational activity of sport hunting.

There are a host of animal welfare and activist groups that advocate for the end of sport hunting, poaching and animal cruelty. Adding their support to these campaigns will carry a lot of weight for the global push to end an activity that is barbaric and unnecessary.

Having two sporting heroes become ambassadors for such a cause will make those who continue to support and engage in sport hunting, think twice about the pain and suffering animals endure.

Instead of ignoring this controversy or limiting our response to expressing outrage on social media, we have an opportunity to convince Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee that raising awareness around animal cruelty is a much better use of their time and high profile than violent and unnecessary sport hunting.

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