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NSW needs RenewAustralia

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 23 Nov 2015

The Greens have launched RenewAustralia, a plan to transition to 90% renewable energy sources by 2030. NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon commented on the benefits that this plan would bring to the NSW. 

“NSW will benefit enormously from RenewAustralia,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

“We will enjoy cheaper electricity, cleaner air and water, and a jobs-rich state. 

“If we are to develop a strong renewable energy sector then we will need to prioritise public investment in clean energy technologies like solar thermal power.

“The Centre of Full Employment and Equity estimates that 73,800 jobs could be created in NSW under a 100% renewable electricity scenario, compared to about 6,000 existing jobs in coal mining and power stations. RenewAustralia would get us very close to that. 

“There are thousands of jobs in the renewable energy sector available for workers in regional NSW.

“We should be introducing wind planning guidelines which will benefit local communities, and reforming the market to create the flexibility that distributed power sources require.

“We need to phase out the five remaining polluting plants in NSW by 2030 and stop the development of any new coal mines.

“The Baird government likes to spruik NSW as the ‘new state of business’. But they continue to relegate thousands of workers and hundreds of communities to a dying industry and ignore the huge potential of renewables. 

“We are so lucky in Australia to have vast amounts of low pollution energy sources like solar, wind and bioenergy, and yet incredibly unlucky to have governments that do not support clean energy.

“Crucially, RenewAustralia will support workers and communities currently reliant upon these industries through the transition to cleaner technology, via the Clean Energy Transition Fund,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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