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No to Income Management! Public mtg Bankstown

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 14 Dec 2011

Commenting on the public meeting to be held in Bankstown tomorrow Senator Rhiannon said,

"The Greens are holding this meeting to inform local Bankstown residents that if they are on a pension or any form of government entitlement next year they may be subject to an income management trial. This would mean they will no longer willl be able to determine how all that money is spent.

"The government plans to take over the management of about half of the money many people on benefits receive.

 "The government hasn't learnt the lessons of the trial in Northern Territory and is seeking to extend a similar experiment to Bankstown, with no evidence of its effectiveness.

"Bankstown families do not need this punitive income management trial imposed on them. Resources and real assistance is the key to helping improve their lives.

"The Greens believe that the $450 million that has been spent on income management in the Northern Territory would have delivered better outcomes if invested differently.

"Services, teachers and teacher training, housing and other community initiatives are key to a better life, not this paternalistic approach.

Public forum: 1pm Thursday 15 December 2011, near Mimi's cafe facing Paul Keating Park.

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