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Newcastle community hurt by ABC Cuts

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 24 Nov 2014

The Greens say Abbott's lie that there will be ‘no cuts to the ABC' will be sorely felt in Newcastle, as the local radio station 1233 ABC falls victim to the government's axe.

ABC Newcastle will be downgraded to a regional operation, losing eight staff and two of its key presenters.

"Prime Minister Abbott's about face on the ABC is a betrayal of the people of Newcastle and regions across the nation, where the ABC is a vital source for local communities," said NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.

"Many will remember the 2007 storms; not only was there the spectacular grounding of the Pasha Bulker on Nobby's beach, but for those affected by the storms at the time, ABC radio was a key source of information.

"Newcastle is the second most populated city in NSW. It is at the centre of key debates on coal and climate change that impact the entire nation.

"That our national broadcaster will now be limited in its ability to engage the community in Newcastle is a major loss for us all.

"My thoughts are with all the staff at ABC," said Senator Rhiannon.


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