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Nationals misleading on kangaroo numbers and job benefits

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 16 Feb 2015

By blindly supporting a Senate motion about developing and expanding the commercial shooting of kangaroos, the Liberal, National and Labor parties have shown they know little about the kangaroo industry, Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "The Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia claims the industry is worth $270 million pa and supports 4,000 jobs.

"However independent peer-reviewed research about to be published in the Journal of Ecological Economics shows the value of the kangaroo industry is $88 million per annum maximum.

"The research uses the same input-output analysis used by economists and governments to infer the number of fulltime equivalent jobs created is just 880 per annum.

"Senator O'Sullivan's assertion that the plagues of kangaroos across Australia necessitates an expanded commercial industry is contradicted by government kangaroo data.

In Senator Sullivan's own state of Queensland this year's Quota report shows an up to 50% decline in most areas from the previous year.

"Analysis of NSW government count data obtained under FOI is showing up to 64% of NSW western survey transects are returning zero counts of kangaroos.

"It is biologically impossible for kangaroo populations to ‘explode'. They are slow-breeding, slow-growing marsupials with 73% juvenile mortality. Kangaroo population growth sits at 3-10% in good years, with up to 60% crashes during drought.

"The major parties should learn the facts about the commercial kangaroo industry and about kangaroo reproductive biology and ecology before perpetuating the myths of abundance and super-fecundity," said Senator Rhiannon.


*603 Senator O'Sullivan: To move-That the Senate recognises Australia‘s ability to develop and expand the kangaroo meat and hide industry, which can create jobs and build wealth for communities across rural and regional Australia.

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