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Nash scandal: Greens call for lobbyist and ministerial code of conducts to be legislated

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 13 Feb 2014

Media Release
13 February 2014

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Rhiannon will propose legislation to enshrine the ministerial code of conduct and lobbyist code of conduct in law in response to the latest scandal involving Senator Nash and her staff.

Senator Rhiannon said: "There is an urgent need for transparency of MPs interactions with lobbyists. This incident with Senator Nash and her Chief of Staff is just one of many examples.

"The footprint that lobbyists leave should be clear for all to see, so that the public feel more confident in how the democratic process operates, how decisions are made and who is attempting to influence decision makers.

"Transparency, integrity and accountability are the cornerstones of a democracy. We have seen time and again that the standards lobbyists are required to abide by should not be left up to the government of the day or individuals to define at their discretion. Experience shows that these standards need to be legislated.

"The public have a right to expect that their MPs, from the Prime Minister to all backbenchers, will abide by the highest standards with regard to their use of Parliamentary resource.

"I will be drafting legislation for bills to ensure that Australia is in step with countries like Canada and the US, where lobbyists operate under legislated rules", said Senator Rhiannon.

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