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My response to criticism of the Greens "End Cruel Cosmetics Bill"

Lee Rhiannon 21 Aug 2014

This is the letter I submitted to the Australian Financial Review:

19 August 2014 

Dear editor,

 The assertion (Labor takes step to ban cruelty in cosmetics AFR 18 August 2014) that the Greens "End Cruel Cosmetics Bill" will "result in an unworkable mess" is incorrect. 

More and more countries are moving to ban cruel cosmetics. In Australia, however, action has stalled while Accord, the cosmetics industry peak body, makes negative and unconstructive statements rather than offering solutions. 

The Greens Bill has been prepared with consultation from those that were instrumental in the European Union’s successful ban on cosmetics or their ingredients that had been tested on animals. 

The Greens will work constructively with any group that want to see an end to cruel cosmetics in Australia. 

Yours sincerely
Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon

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