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My reply to Akerman's article in the Daily Telegraph.

Lee Rhiannon 15 Aug 2014

Here is the text of my letter to the editor regarding Piers Akerman's comments in the Daily Tele article 'School bus outrage shows dark force we must defeat' (Aug 8 2014).   

Published 11 August:

Dear Editor,
Piers Akerman's attack on me ("School bus outrage shows dark force we must defeat" Daily Telegraph 8 August 2014) is extreme, deeply offensive and without any substance.

The assertion that "... Senator Lee Rhiannon vomited vile anti-Semitic propaganda ..." at a rally is wrong.

I condemn all forms of racism and bigotry including anti-Semitism. To equate legitimate criticism of Israeli government atrocities inflicted on Palestinians as anti-Semitic is an ugly tactic designed to silence such criticism.

Yours sincerely
Senator Lee Rhiannon


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