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Motion: Women-only outreach services

Lee Rhiannon 28 Aug 2014

Lee's motion in support of women's refuges in NSW has been passed by the Senate.

That the Senate-

(a) notes:

      (i) specialist women-only services play a crucial role in providing specialist services for victims of domestic and family violence,

      (ii) services to victims of domestic and family violence and their children should be provided by specialist services and not general homelessness shelters,

      (iii) women-only refuges in New South Wales such as the Muslim Women‘s Support Centre and Immigrant Women‘s Speakout offer unique culturally sensitive in-house and outreach services for ethnic women, and

      (iv) more than 25 women-only refuges in New South Wales have had their funding cut by the New South Wales State Government; and

(b) calls on state and federal governments to ensure funding is retained for specialist women-only services to allow them to offer independent, high quality and culturally appropriate services.


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