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Motion: March for Our Lives Congratulations

Lee Rhiannon 28 Mar 2018

Senator Rhiannon successfully moved the following motion on Tuesday 27th March 2018

That the Senate –

  1. Notes that:
    1. Former Prime Minister John Howard and former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fisher led the introduction of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) in 1996;
    2. A 2016 study titled “Association Between Gun Law Reforms and Intentional Firearm Deaths in Australia” found that in the 20 years since the NFA was implemented there have been no mass shootings in Australia;
    3. On March 24 the March for Our Lives took place in the United States of America, calling for stricter controls on firearms; and
  2. Congratulates everyone who is making their voice heard on the important issue of reducing violence involving firearms.

Motion passed.


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