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Motion: Gun Control

Lee Rhiannon 15 Sep 2016

Senator RHIANNON  (New South Wales) (12:35): I move: 

That the Senate— 

(a) notes that: 

   (i) a video in circulation violently threatens a high-profile gun control advocate, 

   (ii) the individuals in the video have previously been referred to the New South Wales Police for posting violent videos aimed at racial and religious minorities and the Greens, and 

   (iii) former Prime Minister John Howard performed a courageous act in 1996 by pursuing national gun law reform; and 

(b) calls on the Federal Government to: 

   (i) maintain and strengthen the National Firearms Agreement, 

   (ii) commit to a ban on the importation and sale of rapid-fire shot guns, and 

   (iii) show leadership on firearms similar to that shown by Mr Howard, and work with state governments to have firearms laws amended to provide for the immediate cancellation of a firearms licence and surrender of all weapons when a shooter has displayed threatening, intimidating or offensive behaviour associated with their use of firearms. 


Defeated on the combined vote of Liberal, Nationals, Labor, One Nation and Liberal Democratic Party.

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