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Motion: Greyhound Industry and AG-GAG Laws

Lee Rhiannon 5 Mar 2015

Senator Rhiannon (New South Wales) (11:55): I move

That the Senate notes:

(a) the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Four Corners program, 'Making a Killing' aired on 16 February 2015, exposed the abhorrent cruelty in parts of the greyhound industry and the horrific use of terrified live animals as live bait to 'blood' greyhounds in training;

(b) the extensive work of Animals Australia, Animal Liberation Queensland, and many others on this program;

(c) the entire Board and the CEO of Greyhound Racing New South Wales have been stood down;

(d) the Tasmanian Parliament will shortly vote on a joint house parliamentary inquiry into Tasmania's greyhound industry;

(e) that if the provisions of the Criminal Code Amendment (Animal Protection) Bill 2015 were enacted the program 'Making a Killing' could not have been made; and

(f) that self-regulation of the industry is clearly not working.

Question agreed to.

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