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Motion on the 75th anniversary of the WWF strike to stop the shipment of pig iron.

Lee Rhiannon 14 Nov 2013

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (10:45): I, and Senator Moore, move:

That the Senate- 

(a) notes that:

(i) 15 November 2013 is the 75th anniversary of the start of industrial action taken by waterside workers to stop pig iron being loaded on the Dalfram and shipped to Japan,

(ii) the strike was called in support of growing community opposition to Australia shipping resources that could be used as war materials,

(iii) the shipment was part of a contract for 300 000 tons of pig iron to be supplied to Japan Steel Works, which was producing military materials,

(iv) the Federal Government accused the Waterside Workers Federation (WWF) of dictating foreign policy, arguing that, as the elected government, it had the sole right to decide what relationships were to be established with foreign powers, and

(v) on 24 January 1939, WWF General Secretary, Mr Jim Healy, met with government representatives and was informed that no more pig iron would be shipped to Japan; and

(b) congratulates the workers involved in the dispute in taking a stand for peace and acknowledges the sacrifices they and their families made during the nine week dispute when they were not paid.

The motion is passed on a vote.

Ayes ......................36 Noes ......................28

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