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Minister Albanese - another election, another failed airport announcement

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 26 Jul 2013

After six years as Transport Minister and having taken no action on the aircraft noise burden in Sydney’s inner west, Mr Albanese’s election eve announcement on a second airport is not credible, the Greens said today.

Greens transport spokesperson Senator Rhiannon said. “Mr Albanese’s announcement has more to do with self-interest about his Labor-Greens marginal seat than responsible airport management.

“The second airport announcement is to make out to inner-west residents that Labor has a plan to do something about the noise burden they live with.

“It is time Mr Albanese came clean with local residents and explained how a second airport would mean higher noise pollution levels in inner west suburbs near Sydney Airport.

“Planning for Sydney Airport's future has been a saga of mismanagement.

"The solution is to relocate Sydney Airport outside Sydney’s airshed basin.

“Enormous economic benefits and jobs growth would be achieved by relocating and linking the new site with High Speed Rail.

“The current site could be redeveloped into a mixed use residential and employment precinct, with extensive green space,” Senator Rhiannon said.

Greens Grayndler candidate Hall Greenland said, “Mr Albanese’s solution is not even on the runway let alone taking off. 

“The Greens have proposed a series of policy debates with Mr Albanese on this and other topics but he has refused to respond.

“That silence contrasts to the increasing noise suffered over Grayndler. Under the long-term operating plan the inner-west is supposed to get 17 per cent of aircraft movements but that is now running at an annual rate of 28 per cent - and last November it went as high as 35 per cent.

“Residents have the realistic fear that if a second airport was ever built it would be a secondary airport used by smaller planes and regional airlines and in fact lead to more large jets using Sydney airport,” said Mr Greenland.

Andrew Bradley (Hall Greenland) - 0414 926 523
Brami Jegan (Lee Rhiannon) - 0487 350 880

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