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Major parties take over $100 million from corporate donors – time Coalition and Labor said no

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 1 May 2014

A new analysis has shown that the federal divisions of the Labor, Liberal and National parties have received more than $108 million in donations from corporate donors since 2002.

“Evidence presented to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption has highlighted the corrosive and damaging influence of political donations,” said Senator Lee Rhiannon, Australian Greens democracy spokesperson.

“With Labor and Coalition MPs blocking electoral funding reform in parliament, the Greens are calling on ALP National Secretary George Wright and Liberal Federal Director Brian Loughnane to say ‘enough is enough’. 

“Mr Loughnane and Mr Wright can stop their parties accepting corporate donations from today. They should take the lead and take action. 

Data from the Democracy 4 Sale website has shown that the Labor Party has received more than $60 million, the Liberal Party more than $42 million, and the Nationals more than $4 million since 2002.

The real numbers are likely to be higher, as donations from the 2013 federal election have not yet been disclosed.

“The revelations go beyond the NSW Liberal and Labor parties. They have now reached Tony Abbott’s party room in Canberra, with the Liberal Federal Member for Dobell, Karen McNamara, being called to give evidence before the ICAC. 

“Karen McNamara is the second Federal Liberal Party MP asked to appear before the ICAC, following former Assistant Treasurer Senator Arthur Sinodinos.

“Nationally, the Liberal Party has received more than $1 million from the Free Enterprise Foundation – an associated entity outed by the ICAC as a Liberal Party slush fund.

“The Labor Party has pocketed almost ten times more money from corporate donors than from affiliated unions.

“The community are sick of seeing their elected representatives hauled before corruption commissions. The heads of the major parties can help restore confidence by stopping the corporate donations. 

“There is overwhelming evidence that major parties are in the pocket of big business. The public have had enough.

“The Greens are stepping up their campaign calling for electoral funding reform, real time disclosure requirements, and caps on political donations and campaign expenditure,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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