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Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Department of Education and Training)

Senator RHIANNON: This morning when we were trying to explore some of the advertising issues, I asked some questions that I would like to return to. Principle 4 of the department's guidelines for expenditure on advertising states, 'Any campaign must be instigated on the basis of a demonstrated need.' It is a quote you would obviously know well. Other than the government's desperation to pass its legislation, what was the demonstrated need for this advertising campaign?

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development)

Lee Rhiannon 24 Feb 2015

Senator RHIANNON: Last night in the public forum in Sydney, hosted by the WestConnex Delivery Authority, the head of the authority, Mr Dennis Cliche, stated that the documents, such as the project's business case and traffic modelling, were being reviewed by Infrastructure Australia. I understand from earlier responses to questions that the traffic modelling is being reviewed, and you have acknowledged that. Is it also the case that the project's business case is being reviewed by Infrastructure Australia?

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Estimates: Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee (Australian Electoral Commission)

Lee Rhiannon 24 Feb 2015

Senator RHIANNON: On 18 October 2011, Mr Rogers, your predecessor, Mr Ed Killesteyn, told estimates in relation to disclosures coming in past the deadline:

We have ... put on record a consideration that ... there would be value in consideration being given to an administrative penalty, which we believe might assist in compliance. But that is for strict objective penalties, such as late lodgement. There are other areas of offences such as misleading statements and so forth ...
Do you agree with the previous commissioner's comments?

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Department of Agriculture)

Senator RHIANNON: Which countries currently import kangaroo products?

Dr V Findlay : There are 68 countries. Just let me find my list, but I am not sure you want me to read out all 68.

Senator RHIANNON: No, I do not want you to read them out. Could you take it on notice, and could it include what kangaroo product is imported, the weight of the imports for each of those products and the financial value of each product, and could that be since June 2013?

Dr V Findlay : Yes, we have that information available.

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Estimates: Environment and Communications Legislation Committee (Department of the Environment)

Senator RHIANNON: Did somebody from the National Water Commission join a delegation of water managers from Australia to India in January of this year?

Mr McLoughlin : Yes. That was me.

Senator RHIANNON: That is wonderful. I understand that the official DFAT documents gave considerable coverage of the National Water Commission and its role in the water management success story in Australia. Is that how you would describe it?

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Estimates: Environment and Communications Legislation Committee (Murray-Darling Basin Authority)

Senator RHIANNON: I wanted to clarify some of the processes associated with the Living Murray and the Water for Rivers projects as supply measures. I understand that the Living Murray projects were already completed and operational, and that their environmental objectives were set prior to the Basin Plan. So I was wondering, how is it claimed that the environmental outcomes of these projects-the ones set prior to the Basin Plan-are additional. I am trying to understand how they are additional to the 2,750 gigalitres environmental base line.

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Labor in bed with Liberals, Nationals and coal industry

Lee Rhiannon 19 Feb 2015

In one week in February Labor, Liberal and National Senators voted together three times in a show of support for the coal industry. This meant that the Senate failed to pass Greens motions highlighting crucial environmental problems associated with coal mining in the Blue Mountains and the Leard Forest. A third motion on the need for a major coal company, which is also a Liberal and Labor donor, to disclose its ownership structure was also defeated.
The text of the motions is below.

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Greyhound industry abuse expose: time to stop all government funding and industry incentives

Commenting on Four Corners ‘Making a Killing' which has exposed evidence of extreme animal abuse in the greyhound industry as a result of investigations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Australia Queensland, Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"The Greens join animal protection groups in calling on state racing bodies to instigate life bans on individuals found guilty of live baiting, and for specialist government task forces to take over the regulation of the industry.

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Nationals misleading on kangaroo numbers and job benefits

By blindly supporting a Senate motion about developing and expanding the commercial shooting of kangaroos, the Liberal, National and Labor parties have shown they know little about the kangaroo industry, Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "The Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia claims the industry is worth $270 million pa and supports 4,000 jobs.

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