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Live export cruelty continues: Ludwig's regulations fail

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 18 May 2012

Greens MP and animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon has said that the latest report from the Agriculture Department on the live export trade reveals that the government's own regulations to prevent cruelty are failing.

"The government's commitment to clean up the live export trade is in tatters with today's news that two of the abattoirs where cruel practices occurred were Australian accredited," Senator Rhiannon said.

"Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig is misleading the Australian public when he argues that the Export Supply Chain Assurance System is working. 

"These regulations were suppose to stop cruelty not just report on cruelty.

"This failure further highlights that the only way to end the cruel practices these animals are subjected to is by banning the live export trade.

"The government needs to immediately apply the full force of sanctions to the two companies named.

"The Animals Australia footage screened by the ABC, that the Agriculture Department's report is based on, showed evidence of multiple and serious breaches of the regulations.

"The Department report only came about because courageous animal rights activists collected the information.

"It should be the responsibility of the Australian government to monitor and audit these abattoirs as part of the Export Supply Chain Assurance System.

"I congratulate Animals Australia for their work in exposing continuing cruelty in the live export industry," said Senator Rhiannon.


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