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Liberal Senator's ag-gag bill targets whistleblowers

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 3 Dec 2014

Liberal Senator Chris Back's bill to prosecute whistleblowers who expose animal cruelty should not be passed as it would restrict the important role of whistleblowers and investigators working to end animal cruelty, Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

"Undercover investigators play an important role exposing abuse of animals which, in many cases leads to prosecutions.

"The reframing of such actions as ‘criminal' by Senator Back attempts to divert attention from those who commit the animal cruelty.

"The Senator is misusing concerns over biosecurity as cover to try and win support for his bill.

"Good animal husbandry practices do not invite the need for whistle blowers.

"Senator Back and his Liberal and National party colleagues should be putting their efforts into addressing animal welfare issues on the nation's farms not trying to introduce laws that would harass courageous people who are trying to protect animals from cruel practices.



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