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Lee's Travel Expenses January 2018

Lee Rhiannon 7 Mar 2018

Lee's duties as a Senator for NSW and a portfolio holder for the Australian Greens require her to travel both within NSW and interstate. Senate related travel is paid for using parliamentary allowances.

As Australian Greens spokesperson for democracy Lee has long campaigned for more scrutiny of how MPs use allowances and  for this information to be made public as close to real time as possible.

In Scotland you can click on your MP and you can find out what allowances they're entitled to and how they have spent their allowances. Lee supports a similar system for our parliament.

The need for this reform in Australia is even more urgent after the choppergate scandal. Reports of misuse of allowances damages public confidence in our democratic institutions. Greater public scrutiny should be applied to how MPs spend public money.

Lee is making her travel expenses publicly available in the interest of greater transparency.

Click the links below to access details of Lee's January 2018 travel.  Lee's January-December 2017 travel expenses may be accessed here. Lee's January-December 2016 travel expenses may be accessed here.  July-December 2015 travel expenses may be accessed here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Lee at


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