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Lee's Media: October 2013

News Item
Lee Rhiannon 30 Oct 2013

Expense claims kept secret: a team effort by Labor and the Coalition 7 October, 2013 The Guardian

Palmer pockets $2.2m in election cash 9 October, 2013 ninemsn

Expenses: how legislation was rushed through to reduce transparency  9 October, 2013 The Guardian

Glenn Druery – the vote broker who made the new Senate  10 October, 2013 Australian Financial Review

Military Pomp Hides Military Profits (Lee opinion Piece) 10 October, 2013 New Matilda

MPs try for ban on sheep exports 14 October, 2013 Australian

Infrastructure Australia shake-up looms 15 October, 2013 Australian Financial Review

Greens oppose HECS debt sale 15 October, 2013 Herald Sun 

No privatisation of HECS debt: Hockey 16 October, 2013 Australian

Lee speaks peace park (photo)  29, October 2013 Daily Telegraph

HECS debt sale 'would cost students more' 29 October, 2013 Australian

Tree fellers apologise for causing deaths and horrific injuries to koalas 29 October, 2013 Guardian

The exporter must be held liable for brutal animal mistreatment, say Greens (podcast) 31 October, 2013 ABC News Radio 


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