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Lee's Media: November 2013

News Item
Lee Rhiannon 30 Nov 2013

Opinion  (Letter  from Lee on Palestine) 2 November, 2013 The Australian

Aid through science teaching in Afghanistan 6 November, 2013 ABC Radio National - Ockham's Razor 

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon held briefly in Sri Lanka 10 November, 2013 The Australian

Senator heads home after Sri Lanka run-in 10 November, 2013 Daily Telegraphj

Lee Rhiannon returns to Australia after Sri Lanka interrogation 11 November, 2013 The Guardian

Rhiannon welcomes animal export pressure 11 November, 2013 The Australian

National Rural News (Live Exports Senate Estimates Ctee) 20 November, 2013 ABC Radio - Bush Telegraph 

'Light touch' could have weighty consequences (Lee Senate Education Ctee) 20 November, 2013 The Australian 

Three-week window for Basin Listing Review (Murray Darling) 22 November, 2014 ABC Radio Rural 

Greens and Labor move to end microparty double dipping  22 November, 2014  Crikey

Labor has 'easy out' on Gonski cuts: Greens  28 November, 2014 Australian

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