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Leadbeater possum left vulnerable by Vic Supreme Ct forest decision

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 14 Mar 2012

Greens Senator and forests spokesperson Lee Rhiannon tonight congratulated Victorian forest campaigners for taking court action to stop VicForests logging the habitat of the endangered Leadbeater possum, but says the failure to halt logging permanently is further evidence that the Regional Forest Agreements process should be scrapped.

A decision in the case of MyEnvironment Inc v VicForests was handed down by the Victorian Supreme Court late this afternoon to prevent logging in the Gun Barrel, Freddo and South Col coupes of the Toolangi State Forest.

"This decision has provided a stronger definition of the leadbeater possum's habitat which VicForests must not log, but it's clear that much stronger action is needed to secure its habitat and prevent the extinction of Victoria's faunal emblem," Senator Rhiannon said.

"This delightful marsupial lives high in the ash forest and relies on the canopy flowers for food and the tree hollows for its homes.

"They live in colonies of often 12 animals that will then actively defend their territory which can extend for approximately 2 to 3 hectares.

"The federal government cannot stand by and let the Baillieu government trash the only place on earth where the leadbeater possum survives.

 "Tireless campaigners like MyEnvironment should not have the job of making the federal and Victorian governments see sense.

"The era of destructive logging and woodchipping of our native forests must end so both these effective carbon store houses are protected and the leadbeater possum can survive," Senator Rhiannon said. 


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