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Labor sides with Coalition: votes down Greens motion supporting public TAFE system

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 9 Oct 2012

The Labor government has failed to protect the public TAFE system by voting against a motion put by the Greens Higher Education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon.

The motion was voted down by the major parties.

"Labor has again left TAFE teachers and students out in the cold," Senator Rhiannon said.

"It is not surprising that the Coalition voted against a motion backing a publicly resourced TAFE system.

"Labor in siding with the Coalition to vote down the Greens' motion revealed their intent for the future of vocational education and training.

"The Greens motion called on the government to protect the integrity of the TAFE system by introducing measures to stop the growth in enrolments in private VET providers and Registered Training Organisations.

"Labor's vote against this motion is inconsistent with statements Labor MPs have made at protests against Coalition state government cuts to TAFE.

"The increase in private providers and recent budget cuts in Victoria and NSW are hurting the public TAFE system.

"It is time the Federal government phased out entitlement based funding and fee help and focused instead on improving and developing the public TAFE system.

"TAFE is crucial to providing the relevant training needed to deliver the skilled workforce mix that Australia requires.

"Private providers whose primary purpose is profit cannot always be trusted to provide this crucial training," Senator Rhiannon said.


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