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Koalas - Too Precious To Lose

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Lee Rhiannon 17 Oct 2012

Koalas are an Australian cultural icon, loved by people around the world as an extraordinary and unique creature. Yet Australia's federal environmental protection laws don't protect precious koala habitat. Now the federal government wants to give away its new powers to protect koalas to state governments that have failed to protect koalas in the first place!

Taronga Zoo, Sydney

To ensure the long term survival of koalas we need to protect their native forest habitat from logging. The koala was listed federally in 2012 as a vulnerable species in Queensland, NSW and the ACT.

But this listing does not stop logging in precious koala habitat in native state forests.

It is tragic that some unique Australian animals have already been pushed to extinction. The federal government estimates there are 200,000 koalas remaining in the wild, but conservation groups say the numbers are much lower and threats have been underestimated.

The Greens want strong new national environmental laws that will stop logging from pushing the koala towards extinction. But the major parties at both federal and state level will not give our environment laws enough teeth to protect the forests that koalas call home.

Find out why koalas need stronger federal protection, and join our campaign by writing to your local MP today asking them to better protect koalas and their habitat.

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