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Why Badgerys Creek Airport is a bad idea

Lee Rhiannon 15 Jan 2016

The Greens are committed to high speed rail as the answer to the ill-conceived Badgerys Creek airport. Most of the passengers using Sydney Airport could be accommodated on a rail line on Australia's east coast and  the project could be compled by 2025, the same construction timeline as a second airport.

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Turnbull plunders overseas aid budget - more essential programs to be cut

News that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will plunder Australia's aid budget to pay for overseas climate action creates a credibility gap for the PM and will result in increased hardship when aid programs are cut, Greens overseas aid spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

"Prime Minister Turnbull's $1 billion fund for climate programs in low income countries will come from cutting back essential programs in those same countries possibly resulting in health, education and sanitation projects being wound up," Senator Rhiannon said.

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The Greens on housing

Lee Rhiannon 7 Jan 2016

The Greens' plan for Australia's housing crisis calls for a National Housing Roadmap which will end homelessness by 2020, build new social housing homes and new affordable rentals over the next decade, and kickstart an Australian-made prefabricated housing industry.

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