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Israel's "collective punishment" kills civilians; Gaza's Ark destroyed

The Greens NSW have condemned Labor and the Coalition for their silence on the Israeli government's sustained and unrelenting military attack on Gaza.

Greens NSW Upper House MP David Shoebridge said, "Israel's military offensive in Gaza has now killed over 170 Palestinians and left over 1400 injured. This has continued because of leading western states refusing to take a position against Israeli violence.

"Over the past two days there have been tens of thousands of people all over the world from Madrid to Yemen, Stockholm, Paris, Cairo, San Diego, Jordan and even Yarmouk Refugee camp in Damascus protesting against the Israeli government's brutality.

"Day after day we are waking up to photos of children, mothers and fathers killed.

The Greens NSW have also acknowledged the tremendous work and dedication of the team behind Gaza's Ark which was destroyed on 11 July by Israeli forces.

Gaza's Ark is part of the ongoing international Freedom Flotilla Coalition challenging the illegal and inhumane Israeli blockade of Gaza. It is a joint initiative by Palestinians in Gaza, including individuals from the Palestine Sailing Federation and the Fishermen's Solidarity Campaign, and international solidarity activists, including Free Gaza Australia.

"The targeting of civilians and peace projects such as Gaza's Ark highlights the brutality of Israel's war. The United Nations estimates more than 80 percent of the dead are civilians - 1 in 5 are children," said Mr Shoebridge.

"We are calling on all sides to cease the violence, but as an established democratic state with access to overwhelming force, Israel must take leadership in ending the killing.

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said, "I congratulate Melissa Parkes, Labor MP for Fremantle, for speaking in parliament against the collective punishment being inflicted on Gaza and identifying Israeli actions as war crimes.

"Gaza is the world's largest open prison. With the Israeli military intensifying its aerial bombardment there is nowhere to hide and no escape route.
"We don't want rockets fired into Gaza or Israel but it has to be acknowledged that this is not a war between equals. Israel is the oppressor and the world's fifth largest military power is attempting to use military force to dominate the oppressed Palestinians.

"The international community has a vital responsibility to put pressure on Israel to stop its attacks and broker a solution of justice and peace.

"The IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz's chilling statement that ‘Gaza is slowly sinking to its doom' must not be allowed to happen," said Senator Rhiannon.

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