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Introducing legislation to end cruel cosmetics

Lee Rhiannon 17 Mar 2014

I am really pleased to be introducing a bill that will ban the testing and sale of cosmetics (and cosmetic ingredients) that have been tested on animals.

It is disgraceful that an estimated 500,000 animals - mainly rabbits and rodents – are used each year around the world in tests of cosmetic ingredients or products. Alternatives to animal testing are widely considered to be faster, cheaper and more accurate.

Around the world there have been important steps forward in the bid to end cosmetic cruelty. Total bans exist in the countries of the European Union and in Israel. India and China are considering changes to reduce animal cosmetic cruelty in thier countries. Australia must not be left behind.

We are encouraged that MPs from both Labor and the Liberals have pledged their support to the Be Cruelty-Free Australia campaign.  This takes us one step closer to ending cosmetics animal cruelty in Australia.

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