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International Truth and Justice Project releases damning report about Sri Lankan military abuse

The International Truth and Justice Project have released a new report, based on several testimonies from survivors, about torture and abuse perpetrated by Sri Lanka’s security forces.
ITJP has also made a submission to the UN Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), based on sworn statements from 55 women, about the torture and abuse they faced under the custody of the Rajapaksa and Sirisena governments. 
Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “This is another extremely disturbing report from the International Truth and Justice Project containing accounts of the most horrific abuse and torture imaginable.
“Recently another ITJP report also drew our attention to the ongoing and systemic nature of abuse perpetuated by Sri Lanka’s security forces. 
“A most worrying development is that at least one alleged perpetrator of torture has been appointed to the National Authority for Victim and Witness Protection in Sri Lanka. 
“When there is no accountability for or even acknowledgement of many abuses committed against the Tamil community, and while perpetrators of that abuse continue to operate with impunity, there will be no real justice,” Senator Rhiannon said. 
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