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An inspiring day up a gum tree with Miranda

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Lee Rhiannon 16 Nov 2012
Miranda and Lee in Miranda

Miranda is amazing. For 11 months her home has been a tree-sit wooden platform about five by five metres at the very top of old gum tree. I was so fortunate I was able to join her for lunch and a chat in her home, come office 60 metres above the ground.

The view is spectacular and inspiring - like Miranda.  This is some protest action with Miranda using an array of social media to moblise support to protect Tasmanian forests.

Her message and those of the support team who were so helpful in assisting me to stage this sky high visit is straight forward. In the current Tasmanian forest negotiations we need an outcome for the forests.

I was able to visit Miranda by fitting a harness around my legs and hooking up with an array of ropes and pulleys. I donned my helmet and ascended into the leafy beauty.

As I neared Miranda's home Stew who managed the pulley system slowed down my ascent so I could gradaully move through the hole that leads to Miranda's home.

I gradually eased my way onto the platform with Miranda's help. We hugged and laughed and sat together and talked. Being an MP one gets to meet extraordinary people in amazing places and this visit would go to the top of my list.

Miranda's home has been this tree-sit platform for 11 months. I was so interested in how she does it. She explained that she exercises in the morning, followed by breakfast and then a day in the office. We laughed together at that description but there it was - her desk with computer and papers all set up for her regular musings, reports, and campaign planning.

I checked out the solar panels that allow Miranda to beam her message to the world.  Miranda explained how she enjoyed being able to "go beyond sound bites and connect people directly with the forest".

Her blog is so delightful - for campaign ideas or to view the birds that visit her home it is so worth checking out.

Miranda is using Skpe to join her forest activist colleagues when they hold press conferences, to speak to school groups and to speak at public events.

Miranda is with Still Wild, Still Threatened, one of a number of local Tasmanian groups that put their creative talent into some great campaigns. December 14 is the one year anniversary of Miranda's famous tree sit.  We can all celebrate with her - exciting plans are evolving for many local events linking up with Miranda that day.

Stay is touch with for all the details.  We can celebrate and thank Miranda and add our voice to the call for protection of these beautiful forests.

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