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How preference flows in NSW has affected the Greens vote

Lee Rhiannon 24 Sep 2013

I have received some inquiries about NSW Senate preference flows and the impact this had on the Greens Senate vote.

Right wing parties are almost certain to fill the last two NSW Senate spots at the expense of a Greens because of preference decisions by small parties.

With a combined primary vote of about 2.93%, preferences from the Wikileaks Party (0.79%), Animal Justice Party (0.46%), Sex Party (1.01%) and HEMP party (0.67%) to the anti-green, Liberal Democrats ahead of the Greens will elect the Liberal Democrats instead of the Greens candidate who just fell short.

Failure to allocate these preferences to the Greens also allows the third Coalition Senator to win the last spot instead of the Greens candidate. Most progressive voters would be disappointed by the preference allocation of these other minor parties.

The Liberal Democrats have very close links to the Stop the Greens party. The lead Liberal Democrats candidate is a senior office bearer of Stop the Greens and is a strong supporter of gun ownership. This Senator-elect recently said that allowing the general public to carry weapons is one way of curbing gun crime in western Sydney.

In NSW the Animal Justice Party preferenced lots of parties ahead of the Greens, including Pauline Hanson from One Nation, Fred Nile's Christian Democrats and the anti-green Liberal Democrats who won a seat. 

Click here for a link to the Animal Justice Party (Group AA) NSW senate preference decision as set out in their Group Voting Ticket

The Greens in NSW preferenced the AJP and other progressive parties before Labor and before all the right wing parties. On the same link above scroll up to Group R.

The Greens were disappointed in the Senate result. However, it in no way reduces our commitment to work with activists working for animal rights and the other issues progressive minor parties are committed to. 

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