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Higher ed portfolio - fourth Minister in six months through revolving door

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 1 Jul 2013

The Australian Greens have welcomed Kim Carr's appointment to the tertiary education portfolio, calling on him to review Labor's $3.2 billion cut to university funding, and expressed concern over the implications of carving out skills and training from the higher education portfolio.

"Tearing billions from our universities is not only dumb it is deeply unpopular and Minister Carr should make it is his first step to urgently review Labor's $3.2 billion raid on university funding", said Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Rhiannon.

"Kim Carr will be the government's fourth higher education Minister in less than six months. 

"Our university sector deserves more stability than this revolving door of ministers, shifting in less than 6 months between Chris Evans, Chris Bowen and Craig Emerson.

"The Greens are concerned about Prime Minister Rudd's move to carve out skills and training from the higher education portfolio, naming Brendan O'Conner as the new Minister for Skills and Training.

"It's not clear what the strategy is behind separating these portfolios, given Labor's long-standing rhetoric about the need to build pathways between vocational colleges and universities", said Ms Rhiannon.

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