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High Court dismisses Senate voting challenge

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 13 May 2016

Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon has commented on the High Court’s unanimous dismissal of both applications against the senate voting reforms. 

‘Unsurprisingly the High Court has ruled that the Senate voting reforms do not disenfranchise voters,’ Senator Rhiannon said. 

‘The Senate voting reforms make the Senate immune from backroom preference deals so only voters decide where their vote ends up, which surely is the primary purpose of an electoral system.

‘We question the motives of those who want to allow preference flows to be determined by party operators, not voters themselves. 

‘The rights of small parties to run for the Senate have not been reduced, and those who want to vote for small parties can and should.

‘The Australian Greens are unapologetic about our support for reforms which will improve our democratic electoral process. 

‘We should now get on with implementing the Greens’ legislation to  reduce nomination fees and reform electoral funding to even the playing field for small parties,’ Senator Rhiannon said.

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