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As the heatwave moves around the country, PM Abbott buries his head in the sand

Lee Rhiannon 15 Jan 2014

The year 2014 has begun with extraordinary temperatures and devastating fires. Just as we saw the destructive capacity of extreme weather events in the Blue Mountains last year, again we have witnessed the devastation of extreme heat and fires in Western Australia.

Now, a second big heatwave is heading for Sydney and we're looking at high to very high fire danger ratings. Families in Western Sydney without the respite of sea breezes, will be the worst hit. Yet, despite last year's extraordinary record-breaking heat and unprecedented scientific certainty of the impacts of global warming, the Abbott government is trying to tear down the price on pollution which is our best defence against future extreme storms, droughts and fires. It beggars belief that while people in Sydney - and around the country - are already feeling the effects of climate change, Tony Abbott would let his ideological position get in the way of the hard facts. The Climate Council has warned that global warming will bring more extreme weather and heat waves and we can't pretend it's not going to happen. We must prepare for it and stop it getting worse by reducing greenhouse pollution.

The clean energy laws are already reducing greenhouse pollution and creating jobs. It really is time for Tony Abbott to abandon his ideological rejection of the climate science and put the Australian community first.

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