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A Happy New Year?

I was very touched to receive a Christmas card from the Rahavan family who are languishing indefinitely in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre. You can read about their story here.

I have visited the family a few times now, most recently for the 1st birthday of their youngest son Vaheson who was born in detention.

I was moved even more when I learnt the card had been hand made by their daugther Atputha who had received Christmas cards from her friends at school and had gone home to tell her mother that she too wanted to give cards to her friends. Her mum explained to us that she then had to collect bits and pieces from around the house so that her daughter could make these very special cards.

My sincere thanks goes to the Rahavan family for their thoughts and warm wishes. I really do hope that this year will bring some positive news for them and that their three beautiful children will finally be allowed to live with freedom and dignity in our country.

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