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Gun ownership research reveals critical need for national firearms registry

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 12 Oct 2017

Media Release

12 October 2017

Gun ownership research reveals critical need for national firearms registry

New research by the Greens shows the extraordinary numbers of guns owned by private individuals in Australia and the urgent need for a national firearms registry across Australia.

Detailed gun data is available from NSW, the ACT and South Australia and it shows private individuals owning hundreds of guns in suburban Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide.

In other States such as Victoria and Queensland State governments refuse to release details of gun numbers.

You can find out how many guns are in NSW neighbourhoods by searching your postcode on the Greens website TooManyGuns 

Greens Senator and Gun Control Spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said:

“Why does anyone need to own more than 300 guns in suburban Sydney or Newcastle?

“These numbers show that there’s clearly a problem with our gun laws that needs fixing.

“At least in NSW, South Australia and the ACT the community can see the extent of the problem and make the case for change.

“Weak freedom of information laws and culture of secrecy pushed by the gun lobby means no one can find out how many guns there are in Victoria, Queensland or Western Australia.

“This new data shows how urgent it is for Prime Minister Turnbull to take the lead and establish a national firearms register.

“The public have a right to know how many guns are in their neighbourhood on a postcode basis.

“It is vitally important for law enforcement authorities to have even more detailed knowledge of where guns are and how many are held by individuals.

“It’s time for some backbone on gun control.

“The Liberal Nationals and Labor Party need to stand up to the gun lobby and get serious on gun control,” Senator Rhiannon said.


New research available on The Greens' website TooManyGuns shows the extent of gun ownership and private arsenals across NSW.

People can search by their postcode to see how many registered guns are in their communities.

Similar data is available on request for South Australia and the ACT.

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