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Greyhound industry abuse expose: time to stop all government funding and industry incentives

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 17 Feb 2015

Commenting on Four Corners ‘Making a Killing' which has exposed evidence of extreme animal abuse in the greyhound industry as a result of investigations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Australia Queensland, Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"The Greens join animal protection groups in calling on state racing bodies to instigate life bans on individuals found guilty of live baiting, and for specialist government task forces to take over the regulation of the industry.

"The shocking images of extreme animal cruelty will sicken Australians and deserves the strongest condemnatio and immediate action.

"The self-regulation of the greyhound industry must end.

"The Greens support the call for the immediate suspension of all state and federal government funding and incentive schemes to the greyhound industry.

"Congratulations to Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Australia Queensland for again exposing extreme animal cruelty through undercover and very often dangerous investigations.

"The appalling state of the greyhound industry is further evidence of why Australia needs an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. The Greens bill to establish such an Office should be supported by all parties.

"We will continue to work with animal rights groups to end the cruel and degrading treatment of animals," said Senator Rhiannon.

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