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Greens will oppose Abbott’s destruction of Qantas

Media Release
Adam Bandt 3 Mar 2014

The Australian Greens have said they will strongly oppose Tony Abbott's plan to remove the protections in the Qantas Sale Act. They called on Labor to not join Tony Abbott in allowing any increase in foreign ownership of Qantas.

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt MP said today:

"It's disappointing Treasurer Joe Hockey got rolled in Cabinet, because Tony Abbott is out to kill Qantas as our national carrier."

"By repealing section 3 of the Qantas Sale Act, Tony Abbott is selling off a vital national asset to the highest bidder. Australian jobs, which will inevitably be off-shored, come second."

"The Greens will stand up to Tony Abbott. We urge Labor to work with the Greens to bring Alan Joyce before Parliament and plan for a strong Qantas with jobs onshore.""

"The Greens don't want to lose a national carrier and see jobs go offshore, so we won't support Tony Abbott's changes to the Sale Act that could see Qantas effectively owned by a foreign government." 

Greens transport spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said today:

"Labor now has a choice - it can work with the Coalition to send jobs offshore, or it can work constructively with The Greens to set up a Senate Inquiry to develop a plan to secure Qantas' future as a national carrier and to protect jobs.

"Tony Abbott has failed to come up with a plan to protect Qantas as a national carrier, and that's why it's now up to the Senate. Labor needs to get off the fence and support The Greens' motion for a Senate inquiry into how the government can retain Qantas as a national carrier and keep jobs in Australia.

"The inquiry will develop the plan the Coalition has failed to deliver. The Inquiry could call for Qantas' books to be opened, require Alan Joyce to give evidence and consider options to support Qantas such as a debt guarantee and a partial ownership stake will be considered.

"Tony Abbott needs to stop being dishonest with the Australian people. You don't create jobs in Australia by sending jobs offshore.

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